9 de Maio de 2014

Instruction Manual Galon

The Esquadrias Galon, in order to offer its customers the best products and preserve its quality, oriented so that the instructions are noted below:

1) Storage

1.1 – The environment must be clean and dry with the celing temperature 30 degrees C; 1.2 – Avoid the action of sun and rain on the product without prior waterproofs them; 1.3 – The product should be supported on platforms and in horizontal position; 1.4 – Avoid that the product is exposed to moisture or materials that can stain them. Such as grease, cement, lime, oil, sand, and others. 1.5 – Do not put anything on the product besides the protection material – plywood or similar, to not damage them;

2) Waterproofing

2.1 – Avoid warping and cracking waterproofing product in all parts immediately after removing from the package; 2.2 – Before the first coat sand across the frame with sandpaper number 220, respecting the grain of the wood. Amounts are to be screwed vertically and sleepers horizontally; 2.3 – As a primer on the base of the timber, it is important to use sealer or dyer, for the closing of the pores; 2.4 – not the application of lacquer and paints to water-based is recommended; 2.5 – The paint must be done by a qualified professional in order to preserve the quality and finish of the product; 2.6 – the renewal of painting every 2 years for the internal area and every 1 year for the outdoor area is recommended – to those exposed to the actions of the weather (sun and rain);

3) Transportation

3.1 – Transportation must be done in a closed car (trunk or lonado) and supported on platforms; 3.2 – Be careful with the edges of the doors in handling not to puzzle them; 3.3 – The frames must be firmly fixed in the car, so you do not slip during the route and damage-;

4) The installation of the stop (in March or staves) and trim (Alizar), conventionally

4.1 – Before fully fix the frame, check the level, square and plumb; 4.2 – Check that the stop size match the measure of the gate; 4.3 – Monte stop with screws and use two wooden rulers to stay in the square, see Figure 1; 4.4 – In masonry chumbe three clubs in each side and one above, these clubs should measure: 10x20x3,5 cm, they serve to screw the stop, see Figure 2;


4.5 – between the putter and stop use shim in the exact thickness do not use wedges because the screw should penetrate the bat at least two centimeters deep; 4.6 – Do the finishing with buttons in wood or special mass for wood hiding thus the screw head; 4.7 – The guamições should be cut in miter for the perfect fit at the top; 4.8 – Add the cut pieces and stick them up on the anvil, use brads.

5) The expansive foam system Polyurethane

5.1 – Follow the items 4.1 and 4.2; 5.2 – Put the stopper in place. use wedges to steady him, careful not to use too much pressure as this may cause warpage; 5.3 – The foam application points should have an approximate area of 80 cm linear stop as shown in figure 3; 5.4 – Try to observe the foam use guidelines with the manufacturer thereof; 5.5 – To install the garrisons follow the guidelines of the items 4.7 and 4.8.

6) Port Facilities

6.1 – Check the door measures and if there is warping before beginning any installation procedure; 6.2 – The door must read clearance for expansion between the stop aproximadamenle 3 mm per side; 6.3 – Care for doors with cushions in diagonal, use the lower part of the hinge side, check to clarify the figure 4; 6.4 – Install at least three hinges, because massive doors need good structure to hold it; 6.5 – The lock can have the machinery; box  fig-2

ina at maximum 10.3 cm, plus dista can affect the structure of the door; 6.6 – not affect the door structure changing its standard measures; 6.7 – For installation we recommend to hiring a professional specialized in the segment, it is fundamental a right hand labor for the perfect functioning .


Warning: The outer door can not directly receive rain and sun, protejaa with awning or shelter when the building there is an area in front of the door or something similar, wood as natural product realizes the change weather, so it’s best to keep it protected from the aggressive actions of the time. Failure to observe the information contained in this manual will result in loss of quality in the operation of the product and therefore your warranty. wedge shim thick thin shim bat.