Responsabilidade Social
8 de Maio de 2014
Instruction Manual Galon
25 de agosto de 2016


In Galon, the quality applied in the production goes hand in hand with the preservation of the environment and the quality of life, both outside and within the company. Thus, our products are manufactured with various segments woods: the native wood used is from managements and incentives for plantations, legalized and inspected by IBAMA.
In this sense, the constant quest for sustainable development enables the production process and minimizes environmental impacts. Moreover, GALON has a process of proper disposal of waste (plastic, scrap iron, rubber, cardboard and oily residue) for certified and environmentally friendly companies.
We are also collaborators and sponsors ECCO Project, which aims to environmental recovery of degraded areas and water sources through reforestation. We are proud of the success of social and environmental character of action, treating nature as a being indispensable to our lives and our planet. The Esquadrias Galon is so. A company that strives for clean production, economically viable and environmentally sound.